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tv   SJSU Update News  KICU  December 4, 2011 1:30am-2:00am PST

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. >> products or services mentioned are not necessarily endorsed or recommended. >> >> i am jessica savage live on campus to show you how one sjsu student is going from rags to rich. >> >> better back on the street. >> and we will take you to the park decking the halls 3d style.
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update news starts now? >> from the school of journalism and mass communications at san jose state university, a fresh per speck perspective on today's issue. >> >> hello and welcome. thank you for joining us. >> winter has not yet rifed but the cold bitter winds are open cutting through the areas. the homeless population may surprise you. it is closer than you think. jessica savage spent this week tracking down people with no place to live. >> reporter: with three shelters open there's some help available but even so this is still a bitter-sweet him time for the homeless including one sjsu student. >> very difficult for me to go back down there sjsu student call this home for 30 years. he became homeless shortly
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after moving to california, getting addicted to drug and alcohol. >> a lot of pain, being molested by people in the community. i felt a lot of pain. >> he's one of the 18,000 people who have lived on the santa collarly streets with no one or no place to turn, the shelters become home. this week cold weather shelters open. they have opened for 20 years through march. >> we provide a warm place to sleep and two meals a day. >> the shelters are only the beginning to ending homelessness. >> this is the first step getting people in outside of the cold. >> almost every person in here needs an affordable person to live. >> king is now an owner of a new apartment and is a success story.
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>> i benefited because i wanted something different. >> they're not for everyone. andrew who is a sjsu alumni and vietnam war veteran says had he had rather brave his chances. >> i came here with my wife. that would separate us. i love my animals. i don't like bed bugs. i don't like to be told to go to bed at 10:00 and get up at 6:00. >> but life on the streets is dangerous. he was shot a few days days ago and refuses to go to shelter. for king things are looking upment he may be 52, but his future is just beginning. >> i found something i think i will be really good at. i am just thankful for the opportunity. >> but he remembers his roots and helps other homeless people when ever he can. december 1st marks world's aids day, a resource fair on thursday to promote awareness
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among students. santa clara county did its part by sending a testing bus to campus. we have more on the story. >> reporter: more than 1 million people in the united states are living with hiv. according to the center for disease control and prevention, one in five is unaware of their infection. >> our age group between 25 and under 25 even is the largest number of hiv cases. >> on thursday, santa clara county provided free and hiv testing for students and staff. the testing bus administered hiv or equipped tests which involve an oral swap and a 20 minute wait. >> it is really important for students to be tested regularly for stds and hiv, all stds because some of the stds even lead to a greater incidence. >> human immuno deficiency disease, the only defense to diseases. the virus is primarily spread
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will you unprotected sex with someone who has hiv, share as good syringes or being born to an infected mother. >> i myself got tested today and i definitely my friend said it is not that big of a deal. it is just snag needs to be made -- something that needs to be made aware of. >> on campus, amanda update news. earlier this year the us u supreme court ordered california to reduce the risen population -- prison population. two months ago, they began moving inmates closer to home. how this is affecting the county. >> reporter: while the budget crisis continues the state is shifting some responsibility to local governments, it is a public safety realignment plan to ease overcrowding in state prisons and save the state money. >> our county for example i believe received about 4 or $5 million from the state.
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but that funding only lasts for the first i think two years. >> sergeant say that is since the plan started on october 1st, 98 inmates are now eligible to do their time locally. 118 inmates have been parole today be supervised under county probation officers. >> that's the current offense they're in custody for at the state prison level regardless of the prior offenses. so they can have a multitude of other issues in their priors. >> nonviolent, nongang relateed and nonsexual assault are eligible under the plan. it makes counties use alternatives to incarceration like education expel drug treatment programs as well as mental health services. >> those individuals are coming out and it is expected about 100 a month will be coming home. california's rate is over 70% one of highest in the country. the state county on realignment to reduce this and prevent new
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crimes. on campus, update news. >> >> in trash in the united states has pile up to about 160 million tons in the past years. as more technology is been invented some students on campus are finding new ways to recycle old devices. >> we will go live on campus with the story. >> reporter: these broken christmas lights have a wire in them, the recycling companies can refuse. you can call the santa clara recycling hot line located on campus. >> santa collarly recycling hot line,. >> nick is an intern for this hot line at the center in washington square hall. >> okay. carpet for you. >> 10 to 15 callers buzz in each day to ask how to recycle their items. >> it is an everyday type of thing, it is not like the conventional recyclables like
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plastic bottles and cans, but thing that is are a little more unusual. >> more than 5,000 recycling senters help generate jobs and save the economy billions of dollars. the center displays business cards of all the former students who landed jobsment bruce say that is with the holiday season arriving most callers wonder how to get rid of old decoration. >> people wonder what do i do with this broken strand of christmas tree lights or what do i do with different holiday wrapping or do you have any ideas about gift. >> to spread awareness about recycling, the center decorate this is tree in the christmas in the park. >> it shows all the past litter of the year. so it was just kind of eye- opening the stuff that was on it. >> the center started operation in 1989 and has planned to expand the project to other schools.
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as of right now, it is only student-run recycling hot line in the state. live on campus, update news. the food court, arcade and mosaic room, students are finding other places within the student union to relax. >> reporter: the student union offers more than just food and a bowling alley. student can say discover different types of mews ebbing on the second floor in -- music on the second floor in a small area called the music room. he has worked here for the past five years and says he has been introduced to sounds of various generes. >> it is amazing how much music there is outside of the radio. >> they have more than 1,000 cds from classic rock to urban hip hop and student can say request songs from a wide selection. >> it offers students a place to thereon music and socialize. but if you want some peace and quiet there are sound booths like this one available upon
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request. >> john says the relaxing environment helps him get idea purse school projects. >> they play the best music here all kinds of mews expik it inspires -- inspires -- music and it inspires me to be here. >> the music brings together people and like get to know other people, like with the same interest. >> you can do home work, eat lunch or catch up on sleep monday through thursday starting at 9:00 a.m. when we return we will have arts and entertainment and we will look at san jose state university art creations k share with your family. and a group that made it big after an appearance on america's top dance group. and how hundreds of people got jiggy with it during a new edition of -- update news returns in 60 seconds.
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>> yes, cain -- no just kidding. >> he was a mormon guy. >> i don't know no republican candidates. >> no. >> oh, there's a big guy, yeah, that's rick perry, i don't know, gray hair. >> i know what he looks like. >> you remember the mormon guy too. >> there's john mccain but he fell -- mitt romney stable. >> no, not really into politics. so nope. >> it is the mormon guy. >> i don't know what you want to hear really. what do you want to hear? no, i don't know any of the
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republican candidates. >> melissa is here with arts and entertainment. >> they're actually a music group, but before we get into that we will get into ceramics. the art department offered conscious for sale this week. twice a year they sale student creations on campus. the students and alumni take shifts working the tent. more than 25 artists participate and sale their work for cash, and one artist matthew eaton specializes in glass blowing. >> the problem with trying to sale art on campus is that you are catering to a crowd of students and students don't necessarily have money. but a lot of the faculty are enthusiastic about some of the products we sale here. some of the art work is really popular. >> the art department uses the money that they raise to buy supplies and equipment for
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future art students. a san jose dj group is being heard around the world. it is being -- we have the story. >> reporter: they create what makes you want to get up and dance, even become iconic from mtv's america best dance crew television show. who is this group that makes dancer move. >> they're known as the finger -- >> they formed a group. >> we started ding in dj battles and things like that and that just expanded. >> they have -- one of them was a walking. once they made the cut for the competition in 2008, they called them asking for more mixes which eventually formed a tight connection. >> if you fast forward from
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them to now, we scored the show in say vegas they do now. >> with everything we have gone through individually and as a group we are still here and i still love my brothers and it is always fun in the studio with them. >> they are planning to perform live in future shows. >> i think we will be like more of a live music, where we dj and make the beats. >> you can find them at venues nationally or at your local bar and club. in san jose, update new. >> >> there's something new at santa fe chris christmas in the park year. a flashmob last friday. stephanie gathered about 200 dancers by using facebook and by contacting local dance studios in bay area. >> i thought it would be cool and new and exciting for christmas in the park, tabling more people to the park, enjoy
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it. only people who registered could view it, but it is not the only show in the area as courtney reports. ♪ [ music ] . ♪ jingle bells. >> pen penguins, palm trees and dyne sars. it is brightening up with alight displays. >> i like is the fun that we try to create here, you know we could just do a show where nothing is moving, but that's not fun. >> the winding mild throughout the park would not be complete without 3d glasses. look at what it will do to the lights. it takes about two months and 20 people to transform this park into a winter wonder land.
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>> the show come windshield a price. it costs $10 per vehicle until december 8 and it will bump up to $15 the next day. it is not free but it hasn't stopped people such as the hogan family from coming back for more. >> we like to come out from our home. >> what do you love about? we enjoy the lights. we open up the windows including the skylight. we usually have the dogs with us. we just like to listen to the music and open the light. >> it is open until december 31st, even on holidays. courtney, update news. i think we all definitely need to take a trip down there. >> i think you are right. we had one of these and went all the time. >> it will be fun. >> yeah. >> when we return, we will show you how the sjsu spar stanes finished out the season. >> and a young dancer who is flying high and she is glsh
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plus men's back ball. -- basketball. update news will be right back. >> a strong university partnership has built a state of the art library. hands on undergraduate research qualifying thousands of students for the most valuable careers. >> san jose state university, empowering student, powering silicon state university. . last week we introduced you to tracy, ms. winecountry rodeo. today we will meet her younger sister ashley who has a talent of her own. we have the story. >> poise and a 40-foot pole. this sjsu student lives
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everyday to dance. >> i like to keep moving. i don't like to be still too much. >> ashley henson was born with a sense of adventure. at five she went on a family vacation to sea world. >> i saw the performance and i was like that's what i want to do, perfect. >> when she turned 16 she convinced her dad to build an airline dancing apparatus, and to dance tough be flexible. >> she says she works really hard to maintain flexibility and her muscular phi physique -- has its own movement she has to carefully control each muscle in response to this motion. but it is not as easy as it looks. henson says airline dance has taught her one of life's most valuable lesson. >> you really learn to rely on
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yourself. once you feel that you can never really let yourself down in every aspect of life. no matter how old she is, as long as she can pull herself up, you will find her dancing in the air. someday she wants to open a studio. update new. >> >> dominique is here with sports. what have you got going on. >> reporter: the spartans had a good two weeks in a row. we will start with men's basketball. they droped it ball against montana state with a seven point loss but again on wednesday fite against texas san antonio. >> they started the game with brick after brick after brick. there's two baskets in the first five minutes of game.
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meanwhile the road runners had no problem throwing it up and other. that's cannon with an up. utsa led by 13 in the first half. james kenny for the support tans. it is this set back, but we will take that to the locker room. you will be seeing kenny again in this one. to the second half, he is not wasting any time and hits the three. san jose state is slowly closing that deficit. then under the hoop, not giving up he says i will take that. count it. he would hit the free throw to tie the game with under four minutes to go and then there was penny. give the spartans the lead with that, seals the deal with that one. career high 30 points for kenny. spartans win it 72-66.
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i just -- i felt many myself that i needed to step up even more and hit a big shotment they gave me a little bit and i just let it go. >> the 2011 football team has had its ups beating navy and hawaii and its down, two tree- game losing streaks: regardless ss it all came to an end when they took on the bug dogs on fresno. they stormed the field much to surprise of the time out -- with a run. at the end of the first, brandon drew second blood and later he caught a 38-yard touchdown pass, in the third to make the lead 20-7. in the fourth, he received another spartan touchdown and up 27-17 they wouldn't look back. spartans won by a field goal.
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>> this is probably the best guys i will ever play football with. the spartans end the season at 5-7 and 1-11 last year. getting a dance to be a division one athlete for many is an opportunity of a lifetime. for sjsu athletes it is about doing what you love. but as howard reports being a student athlete is like having a full-time job. >> i think it is a validation to them. they're getting a little bit of a glimpse at the rewards that will come at the end of the
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season and it really encourages them to do what she been doing and keep working like they have been doing. a sport that doesn't get too much recognition is showing its talent. more than a dozen of the top 50 times are owned by the lady spartans. they hold seven of the top ten. nine students among the elite in the countryment and they say that they rock hard in the times. >> i think it is a validation to them. they're getting a glimpse at the rewards that will come at the end of the season and it encolonels them to keep -- encourages them to keep working. >> they have excelled in free
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style rely, the best time in the country. >> that's it for sports but ryan i understand you were hanging ut with the seniors after the football game. >> i did and good team. a win this past saturday gave fresno against fresno ended on a high note. it was the first win against the bulldog, the first any time player was able to beat the biggest rival. some will never have that chance again, shared their emotions and taughts. >> while the 2011 football team wrapped up the season, some star players wrapped up the careers. >> i am speechless. it feels so good i don't know what to say. >> brandon and matt -- >> i am so thankful for this team and for my senior year and what we have done is an awesome way to end the season. >> both scored in game but when it was all over, the only thing on both of their mind were the
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teammate. >> we connected so well, all of us and there's units. we are focused as a group and that shows when we play. >> we will always be friend forever, but it will never be like this again where it is like on the football field with your boys, i did definitely miss these guys, before transferring many in 2009. he says it feels perfect. >> it is cool coming full circle. to my first college game and send ending it there on the other side. 903 yards and got 12 touchdowns. >> sadly it has come to the end of another semester here at update news. >> here is a look at the lighter moments we had this
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fall. ♪ [ music ]
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>> that will do it for now. thank you for staying up late with us. on behalf of myself, jena and the rest of the staff and crew thank you so much for watching and supporting us this semester: wewe will be back in february with the spring semester edition with a whole new cast of characters.
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but until then have i agreat winter and we will see you again soon.
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